History of Biogas

Scientists found that methane was generated in swamps and rotting organic matter, a realization that led to the construction of the world’s first biogas digester in 1859 in Bombay, India. Soon after, sewer gases were being captured and used in Victorian England to provide street lighting.

Major contributors to the development of the Nepalese Biogas sector

Nepal has a history of over 50 years of modern biogas technology development. The country saw the introduction of the first biogas digester in 1955. Father B.R. Saubolle built a demonstration biogas plant at St. Xavier’s School, Godavari, Lalitpur ( Two 200-litre metal oil drums were used, one as a digester and the other as a gas holder). It took almost 20 years to get the government’s attention towards biogas technology. In 1975/76, the first biogas promotion programme was launched by a government agency. With the success of this brief programme, the number of biogas plants started to grow in the country. The biogas sector got momentum as the government with support from the Government of the Netherlands initiated the Biogas Support Programme (BSP) in 1992. This section tries to document major events in the development of the biogas sector in Nepal. In doing so, the effort has been made to highlight development in three aspects, viz. institutional development, policy/programmes, and technological development.

Other Major Contributors in Development of Biogas

The other major contributors in the development of biogas sector during pre-BSP period include USAID, FAO, UNDP, UNCDF, and UNICEF. They provided valuable support in the research and development, extension, promotion, dissemination and human resource development of the companies. Organisations like WWF Nepal, Winrock International Nepal have made significant contributions.

Contributors In The Development Of The Nepalese Biogas Sector

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